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Power Restoration
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Indiana Michigan Power do to manage a major storm?
Indiana Michigan Power operations personnel continually monitor national and local weather reports so they are prepared for impending storms. This allows Indiana Michigan Power to work on staffing for restoration efforts even before the storm hits.

During major storm efforts, customer service centers operate in "storm mode," using extra telephone lines and bringing in additional representatives to serve customers better. They also employ advanced telephone technologies to handle the unusually large volume of customer calls. This technology allows customers to report an outage without speaking to a representative and helps us provide status updates regarding the restoration effort.

Why can't an agent tell me when my power will be restored?
It is impossible to accurately predict restorations of specific circuits serving particular residences because of the many challenges that restoration workers face. Indiana Michigan Power provides updates approximately every four hours to the local news media so that they can report the status of the overall restoration effort. This information is included on the home page of this site during major storms.

What is my best source of information on the restoration effort?
Indiana Michigan Power works hard to update the local news media on the overall progress of restoration efforts affecting the area. Indiana Michigan Power issues informational releases to the news media regarding restoration progress at least three times a day during major power outages. Listening to the radio, or checking this web site via battery-operated web devices are the best ways for you to be informed of storm restoration progress. Be sure to have an emergency kit, equipped with a battery-operated radio and fresh batteries, so you're ready in case of a major power outage.

How does Indiana Michigan Power mobilize crews during major outages?
During a major storm, Indiana Michigan Power calls in workers from portions of American Electric Power's 11-state energy delivery territory to assist local employees. Indiana Michigan Power also enlists the help of personnel from other electric companies through mutual assistance agreements as well as contract workers.

American Electric Power workers have frequently been honored with the Edison Electric Institute's Emergency Assistance Award for their role in power restoration efforts following hurricanes, ice storms, and other natural disasters. In 2008, American Electric Power workers were honored with the industry's top award for assisting other utilities.

How does Indiana Michigan Power handle tree damage?
Indiana Michigan Power contractors conduct tree trimming throughout the year to keep power lines free of limbs and debris. Following a storm, these contractors must remove fallen trees and limbs from electrical equipment that are preventing service restoration. This forestry work is a major component of the restoration effort. However, Indiana Michigan Power contractors do not remove storm debris and move the debris only if this is necessary to facilitate the restoration effort.

Do not attempt to remove tree limbs or debris yourself if it is within 10 feet of a power line and stay completely away from any downed power line or sparking equipment. If you notice downed lines or sparking equipment, please call us at the number on your electric bill as soon as possible.

For tree removal, you will need to call a landscape or tree contractor.

Why would Indiana Michigan Power trucks pass by my house without repairing anything?
This can happen because work needs to be done at a nearby location before service can be restored to you and your neighbors.

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